My name is Claudy-Ann Keasberry and I graduated chiropractic college in 2000.  Although I helped many feel better, it didn’t take long before I realized that adjusting people was not going to satisfy the need to heal them at the level that I had hoped. My search for additional treatment methods lead me to discovering muscle testing and that is when everything changed.  It didn’t happen immediately, but over the course of about 5 years, it became very apparent that there were other forces at work here and life was not everything it appeared to be.

Answers started coming to me without me actually testing… me, nobody thought that was crazier than I did……so being the scientist that I am, I started doing tests to verify my findings.  I continued to check my findings… double check….triple check…..and more….until I was completely satisfied that I was getting correct answers by using my body and mind alone! I’ll never forget hearing about a practitioner who claimed to be able to do this years earlier and I remember thinking that it was crazy and they must be out of their mind!!  How times do change!! I suppose you could say I started “waking up”!  This brings us to today and I am working completely virtually, using my abilities to listen to symptoms and energetically feel what is going on and then figuring out how to solve the problem no matter what it takes or how long it takes. I use supplements and energy work in my quest to heal whoever is open to it.

If that sounds like you, then here I am!!